The Pizza Hut Bigfoot blimp (above) before crashing in New York City, bringing greater than expected  positive media attention with increased pizza sales. United Flight 811 (top left), one of two accidents five months apart in which the crews were hailed as heroes for saving so many lives.  Thai dancers entertain at a press conference in Bangkok as United Airlines inaugurated service to 13 cities in Asia and the South Pacific on a single day (bottom). 






Capping a 34-year career in Organizational Communications for a number of large, well-known and well-regarded companies, I am now ready to consult with organizations of all sizes bringing the wealth of my experiences and talents to help you solve new challenges.

During my career, I have enjoyed success with a number of significant communications challenges and opportunities:

  1.     The launch of United Airline’s Pacific Division after acquiring routes to Asia and the South Pacific from Pan American World Airways and softening the harsh reputation that competitors created of United during the approval process in the Pacific Rim.


The Royal Pacific Cultural Exchange paired

sister cities in the region with their US

counterpart and quickly softened the

harsh image the competition

had created of United Airlines. 

Here United executives present

the gift of the culture exchange to

the mayor of Bangkok.


  1.      Successful crisis management following two fatal jetliner accidents five months apart at United Airlines, the first time advanced bookings did not decline after an airline accident.

National Transportation Safety Board inspectors

examine the rear section of United Airlines Flight 232

that crash landed in Sioux City, Iowa. 

One hundred and twelve people perished

while 184 miraculously survived. 

The crew were seen as heroes.

  1.     The successful introduction of Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust pizza that first reunited Donald and Ivana Trump after their divorce and far exceeded Pizza Hut’s sales forecasts.

  2.     The Left-Handed Whopper April Fool’s Day joke that is now listed as one of the best April Fools jokes of all times and refreshed a decades-old brand.

  3.      Creation of the “Welding Workshop for Editors,” which greatly improved media coverage of welding and seated Hobart Brothers Company as the authority in welding technology.



Learning to weld to improve my own

knowledge and writing about welding,

led to the “Hobart Welding Workshop for Editors,”

which improved the volume and quality of articles

about welding in trade journals.

  1.      Calmly averting a potentially violent international disaster after a Burger King franchisee opened an unauthorized outlet in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank.

  2.      The hugely successful launch of the Gillette Sensor razor and the Gillette Series line of male toiletries that reinforced the value of PR over advertising to generate immediate consumer demand.

  3.      Leveraging the food supply chain to develop an industry-leading breakthrough policy on humane animal handling processes that calmly addressed consumer concerns and averted unnecessary controversy.

  4.      Successful handling of the crash of the Pizza Hut Bigfoot blimp on an apartment building in New York city on July 4th.  With no injuries, the media quickly and for more than a month were amused by the story.  The added media coverage increase pizza sales beyond forecast for the tri-state area.

The Bigfoot Blimp lies limp

against the side of an apartment

building at 410 West 53rd in

New York after crashing on

July 4, 1993.

Luckily, the pilot and co-pilot

sustained only minor injuries.

None of the residents

sunbathing on the roof of the

apartment were harmed.

  1.      Winning the Public Opinion battle in support of United Airline’s attempt to retain its route between Seattle and Tokyo.

  2.      Handling a variety of food safety concerns that reassured consumers that a restaurant’s products were safe to eat.

  3.      Driving “Clarity out of Chaos” in a number of complicated controversies to ensure that an organization’s publics understood the intricacies of an issue.

Rob Doughty Communications is an “encore career.”  Combining my organizational and communications skills with this sampling of accomplishments gives me the tools and experience to help you find innovative solutions to your challenges and opportunities.

I invite you to explore this website to learn more about how I can help you.



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